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NFWS Mission Statement
  1. To promote the well-being of ferrets through articles written and published by the NFWS, veterinarians and ferret specialists world wide
  2. Offer/provide advice on a variety of ferret subjects from common illnesses, nutrition, sanitation, interaction, ferret safety and the advisability of breeding.
  3. Promote the on-going liaison with veterinarians and all medical organisations and agents associated within the 'ferret world' with the aim of raising the general awareness of ferret health and ferret needs.
  4. Advise and educate ferret owners, clubs etc., on their basic responsibilities towards ferrets on such diverse subjects as when considering breeding ferrets and when working ferrets in vermin control. The list is large!
  5. To promote confidence in ferret owners to approach the NFWS and/or veterinarians to seek advice when their ferret's health and behaviour causes concern.

Welcome to the National Ferret Welfare Society

National Ferret Fair

If you've arrived at this page seeking the NATIONAL FERRET WELFARE SOCIETY, NFWS in abbreviated form, then you've arrived at the right place.

As you can see...'rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated'.

Following our last AGM and the election of a new committee it was felt that amongst other things it was a priority to bring our website up to date.
It had served us faithfully for many years and apart from being 'dated' in many ways wasn't compatible with the laptops, pads or sophisticated mobile telephones we all use today.
Our site did after all come into use before some of these things had even been invented!

So... the new site is here but there is still some 'tweaking' to do, meanwhile we have laid out below some useful contact details for you.

  • President: Mick Quelch Tel: 07787 506 384 Email
  • Acting Chairman: Paul Tripp Tel: 07903 390 980
  • Secretary: Sally Tripp Tel: 07903 390 980 Email
  • Treasurer: Sue Nickells Tel: 01256 320 676 / 07928 529 213 Email
  • Newsletter Editor: Robin Tarrant Tel: 023 8058 5421 Email
  • Facebook Editor: Derek Harding – see below under Membership Secretary
  • PR: June Mcnicholas Email
  • Membership Secretary: Derek Harding, 17 Summerfield Close, Wokingham, Berks RG41 1PH
    Tel: 0118 979 1260 Email
  • Site admin Email

NFWS membership fees for 2016 :

UK membership the subscription for 12 months is £12.00 for Individual members, £18.00 for Family membership and £7.00 for Junior (under 16 years).

Affiliate membership Organisations with 1 - 25 members £35.00 plus £13.00 for every extra 25 members or part thereof.

Latest News:

Proposed Autumn Open Show in the Midlands...

The NFWS is thinking about having an Open Show in the Midlands area sometime around October. Before we go to the effort and expense of setting it up could you give us an indication of whether you are interested or not ? Just drop an email to the Membership Secretary Email by the end of July to let us know. This would not just be for NFWS members, an Open Show is open to all ferret owners. Also, would anyone be interested in helping to set it up ? Many thanks.