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NFWS Mission Statement
  1. To promote the well-being of ferrets through articles written and published by the NFWS, veterinarians and ferret specialists world wide
  2. Offer/provide advice on a variety of ferret subjects from common illnesses, nutrition, sanitation, interaction, ferret safety and the advisability of breeding.
  3. Promote the on-going liaison with veterinarians and all medical organisations and agents associated within the 'ferret world' with the aim of raising the general awareness of ferret health and ferret needs.
  4. Advise and educate ferret owners, clubs etc., on their basic responsibilities towards ferrets on such diverse subjects as when considering breeding ferrets and when working ferrets in vermin control. The list is large!
  5. To promote confidence in ferret owners to approach the NFWS and/or veterinarians to seek advice when their ferret's health and behaviour causes concern.

Welcome to the National Ferret Welfare Society

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If you've arrived at this page seeking the NATIONAL FERRET WELFARE SOCIETY, NFWS in abbreviated form, then you've arrived at the right place.

Most pages have been updated, but if you notice an error please let us know. Meanwhile some useful contact details are set out below.

Latest News:

NFWS Update Feb 2024

The new NFWS Committee are shown below. Please note that automatic e-mails are not yet working. The Membership Secretary e-mail is shown below.

  • President: Derek Harding Tel: 0118 9791260
  • Chairman: Cathy Cadden Tel: 01604 464615
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Michelle Brunton Tel: 07908 610342
  • Newsletter Editor: Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins Tel:07734 021652
  • PR: Fiona Wilkins Tel: 07725 114145
  • Membership Secretary: Claudia Pheil Tel: 07436 725019 e-mail
  • Facebook Editor:
  • Site admin

NFWS membership fees for 2024 :

UK membership the subscription for 12 months is £12.00 for Individual members, £18.00 for Family membership and £7.00 for Junior (under 16 years).

Affiliate membership Organisations with up to 25 members £35.00 plus £13.00 for every extra 25 members or part thereof.

To join, e-mail the Membership Secretary