NFWS Open Show - 22nd August, 2004

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Held at Ibstock Country Fair

Class First Second Third Fourth
Polecat Hob Chester Boucher Tyson Ash Taz Ash Patch Handley
Polecat Jill Blossom Shaw Charm Hallam Babe Osborne Alicia Boucher
Albino Hob Becks Osborne Stanley Fitzgerald Bertie Boucher Fred Bear Beck
Albino Jill Itsy Shaw Snowball Brown Tia Ash Pick Pocket Woodfield
Sandy Hob Chestnut Prigg Arther Hillman Hamish Osborne Hamley Osborne
Sandy Jill Hazel Fitzgerald Poppy Handley Tick Tock Woodfield Lucy Chadwick
Silver Hob Badger Handley Merlin Shaw Mercury Shaw Lexus Shaw
Silver Jill Pearl Handley Maggie Shaw Molly Handley Lightning Shaw
Coloured Hob Casper Shaw Reggie Shaw Flash Handley Alfie Handley
Coloured Jill Tilly Brown Trio Ash Dinky Popper Brown Speedy Chadwick
Disabled Arnold Hillman Thumbelina Osborne Peggy Woodfield Dante Osborne
Veteran Scampi Hallam Whitey Shaw Cherry Prigg Minnie Woodfield
Working Pair Blackberry/Wych Fitzgerald Kes/Tarn Crompton Lizzy/Lochan Crompton Arwen/Flower Crompton
Working China Troth Demdike Crompton Betty Shaw Poppy Handley
Ferret Racing Oakley Hallam Mertle Hallam Mercury Shaw Demdike Crompton


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