Ferret Agility Course

Agility course - 8kb

Ann and Bill Beck’s Ferret Agility Course with slide, weaving poles, seesaw, hoop and tunnel.

Huggy Bear on the slide - 11kb

The Beck’s Huggy Bear tackles the slide.

Huggy Bear through poles - 9kb

Huggy Bear weaves through the poles enticed by some Ferretvite.

Aragorn on the slide - 16kb

Ann tempts Aragorn down the slide in pursuit of a slice of cucumber.

Aragorn through poles - 11kb

Aragorn catches up with the cucumber!.

Aragorn through see-saw - 11kb

Through the seesaw

Aragorn hoop - 12kb

Aragorn steps into the hoop

Aragorn hoop - 14kb

Aragorn half-way through

Aragorn starts tunnel - 10kb

Aragorn makes a start on the tunnel

Aragorn in the tunnel - 14kb

Spot the ferret - he's somewhere in the tunnel!

Finished - 11kb


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