Weird Orbs at Lotherton Hall

Ann and Bill Beck always like to take their ferrets for a walk in the evening before they go to bed. After letting them get their ferrets harnessed up and ready I decided to take a number of digital photographs with my Fuji camera.

The photos were taken on May 15th but it wasn’t until we were looking at them a few weeks ago that I noticed the ‘orbs’. The photos are pretty much as they were uploaded into my laptop, the only things done to them is cropping, resizing and the enlargement of the ‘orbs’.

Ann reckons the enlarged one looks like a ferret face. Someone else suggested that they could be the spirits of departed ferrets checking up on their friends or is there a more down-to-earth explanation for them? Your views would be welcome.


Ann and Bill getting ready for ferret walking - 12kb

Ann and Bill getting ready for ferret walking.

UFO (Unidentified ferrety object) - 9kb

UFO (Unidentified ferrety object)

Close up of 'orb' near Ann's knee - 11kb

Close up of 'orb' near Ann's knee

Close up of 'orb' - 3kb

(From Ferrets First Issue no. 27 November/December 2005)

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