Pucker Up!!

by Sue Lloyd

One of the services that Yarm Ferret Rescue provides is to take ferrets in while their owners are away. It's lovely to have them return time after time again, sometimes generations of one family. So it was very sad when last summer to have the return of one ferret family who'd hit upon hard times. One sandy hob in particular, was not far off from being a cruelty case - I'll refer to him as Ferret S - he was very thin and had lost most of his energy.

The family told me to re-home him if a good home was available as his owner had lost interest and his mother was dubious of handling Ferret S, which was a shame as he had been a show ferret and his mother had had at least fourteen "Best in Shows" on the agricultural show circuit. So, I phoned a friend - Lady A - who likes to show ferrets and who looks after them very well and explained the situation; she came round straight away to collect him. On leaving, my last words were "don't kiss him , he's not face proof!"

Ferret S was treated to a new cage but a couple of days later he escaped having opened the door which had been fastened with a turn clip (please always use a bolt). She searched everywhere for him but to no avail. After nearly a week had passed, a lady five houses down from her went out to her ferret and 'lo and behold' her ferret had gone, but in its place was Ferret S! Somewhat bewildered, she took Ferret S back to Lady A - still with me? who of course, was overjoyed and whilst taking him back to his own cage she hugged him and yep...Ferret S attached itself to her lip. She was by herself, in a lot of pain and the blood was flowing. Some twenty minutes later he let go and once back in his cage, she set off to A&E to receive six stitches and antibiotics. Unfortunately the tablets made her poorly and it was some time before calm once more returned to Lady A's household.

You'll be pleased to know that she fully recovered with not even a scar to show off, whilst the lady down the road from her, found her ferret wandering around in the garden. Ferret S flourished in his new home and is now a lovely, calm and happy chap and has returned to his winning ways again.

First Published in NFWS News #77 January 2007

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