by Julie Stoodley

We all get them… the friendly, healthy ferret come through our doors… they must belong to someone, but who?

How many ferrets have we rescued and re-homed, that already had a loving home, and loving owners?

By promoting microchipping we could re-unite more ferrets with their original owners as opposed to new ones.

I took the microchipping course last November and have since microchipped a fair few ferrets. By taking the course it also gives you a licence to be able to micro-chip cats and dogs… an extra income to help with the costs of running a rescue. It is not just the microchipping that is important. It is VERY important to make sure that all rescues, welfares and sanctuaries are scanning any ferrets that come in. If you personally do not own a scanner all RSPCA workers carry one with them and the vet will scan the ferret for free.

Take it from me it is a lovely feeling when you can re-unite a ferret with its worried owner.

If you start microchipping, you can get the chips at cost price and be able to charge a fee, far less than what the vet charges and still make a small amount of profit.

Think about doing it, if not the course, then get your escapees chipped, they will be returned to you and you can have peace of mind.

(First published in NFWS News June 2003)

Sleaford Ferret Rescue