Ten ways of telling whether you've become a ferret freak

1 - You sit through hours of a film just because it’s got a five second shot of a ferret in it.

2 - ‘Quality press’ means more about good absorbency in the litter corner than top news reporting.

3 - You watch ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and think what a super ferret hutch that Chippendale bureau would make.

4 - Your natural honesty and law abiding nature breaks down when you see tubes and piping lying around on a building site one evening when the workmen have gone home.

5 - You do the washing up wearing wellies because the kits aren’t ankle safe yet.

6 - You expect all visitors to wear wellies because the kits aren’t ankle safe yet.

7 - Approximately 70% of your conversation with a ferret-owning friend is about each other’s ferrets.

8 - A large proportion of this conversation is about each other’s ferrets’ poo.

9 - You have more photos of your ferrets than of your children/partner/parents etc.

10 - You find yourself making or reading lists about being a ferret freak.

Anon (could be any of us!)

(First published in the October 2003 issue of the NFWS News)

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