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NFWS Mission Statement
  1. To promote the well-being of ferrets through articles written and published by the NFWS, veterinarians and ferret specialists world wide
  2. Offer/provide advice on a variety of ferret subjects from common illnesses, nutrition, sanitation, interaction, ferret safety and the advisability of breeding.
  3. Promote the on-going liaison with veterinarians and all medical organisations and agents associated within the 'ferret world' with the aim of raising the general awareness of ferret health and ferret needs.
  4. Advise and educate ferret owners, clubs etc., on their basic responsibilities towards ferrets on such diverse subjects as when considering breeding ferrets and when working ferrets in vermin control. The list is large!
  5. To promote confidence in ferret owners to approach the NFWS and/or veterinarians to seek advice when their ferret's health and behaviour causes concern.


(kindly sponsored by Gilbertson and Page Ltd)

The National Ferret Welfare Society is holding it’s open ferret show on the 27th February 2016 at Chieveley Village Hall, High Street, Chieveley, near Newbury, Berkshire. The post code is RG20 8TE, which will help if you have a sat-nav or want to download a map from the internet.

This is an open ferret show, so it’s open to all ferret owners, NFWS members or not. It's not Crufts so pet owners, working ferret owners, rescues, welfares and family groups are all welcome to come along, muck in and enjoy the day.

ALL FERRETS WELCOME ! Please spread the word. Big, small, fat, skinny, short haired, long haired, cuddly, not so cuddly, fast, slow, young, veteran, disabled as long as it has four legs and a tail, ( OK, some may not have all these attributes but bring them along anyway – the more the merrier ! Limited space for playpens, first come first served.

There will be a fully staffed canteen serving a variety of hot and cold food, stalls (the early bird gets the best space), ferret food and our famous raffle with lots of prizes will be a highpoint of the day. Linda will not stop nagging all and sundry until they’ve have had a strip or two, of tickets that is. There will be no hiding place from her to get you to part with your money.

Get your ferrets micro-chipped using the latest technology by Jo, Ann and Becky from the Wessex for £6.00 each.

We’ve organised some top Judges and Stewards for the day to select the best ferrets. As always they will have a difficult task, but I'm sure they are up to it.

Rosettes will be awarded down to 4th place, with silverware for the main winners.

Doors open at 8:30am. Booking in from 9:00am. Judging from 10:30am. £1.00 per entry per class.1.The Committee reserves NOTES

  1. The NFWS reserves the right to refuse entry or turn away any person for any reason who the society feels is displaying inappropriate behaviour or brings the show into disrepute.
  2. It is the responsibility of all competitors to enter their ferrets into the correct classes at the point of booking in with the entry clerks by ensuring they have their correct details.
  3. All winners are to leave their contact details with an NFWS officer for records of trophy ownership (12 months only).
  4. No selling or re-homing of ferrets is allowed unless prior agreement has been given by an NFWS officer.
    5. All competitors are requested to keep their area clean and tidy and put all rubbish in the black bin bags provided. Cleanliness/husbandry is your responsibility!
  5. Where applicable kits to be entered in kit class only and must be under the age of 12 months old - no kits are allowed in any other adult colour classes.
  6. Matching pairs class is hob and jill only.
  7. Junior Handlers are to be under 16 years of age.
  8. Ferrets are NOT allowed to be walked around inside the hall on leashes.
  9. Pregnant/nursing Jills will be refused entry.
  10. Ferrets must have no stitches in situ and/or no visible open wounds if under veterinary treatment.
  11. Dogs are NOT permitted inside the hall.
  12. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the building.
  13. The show organisers reserve the right to cancel the show at any given time without giving prior notice.
  14. The judges decision is ALWAYS final!
    • Please DO NOT bring any ferrets showing signs of illness and please DO NOT bring any ferrets that have suffered from diarrhoea within the last 3 months prior to this show. If any of your ferrets have suffered from Coronavirus/ECE (green slime disease) then this increases to within 9 months prior to this show and we would ask that you do not bring any ferrets even if only one showed symptoms. Coronavirus/ECE is a highly contagious disease that can be carried by ferrets even if they do not show symptoms. If in doubt, please contact a member of our committee.

      If handling ferrets other than your own, please wash your hands with an antibacterial hand hygiene gel in between handling different owners' ferrets so as to minimise the risk of cross infection. We will have several hand hygiene gels for this purpose placed on tables around the show area as well as black bin bags for rubbish.
      Walking ferrets on leads is NOT allowed.

      Please ensure clean bedding is used on the day and avoid sharing bedding/toys with other show exhibitors/ferrets.
      Please clean up any urine/faeces straight away and dispose of it in one of the black bags you will find placed around the show area - it is the responsibility of ALL attendees to keep their area clean!

      There will be no selling or re-homing of ferrets at the show unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement with the show organisers/NFWS committee.
      Unfortunately, dogs will NOT be allowed inside the show hall.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this notice and for your understanding.
      - NFWS committee.