Ferreting in the Yorkshire Dales

The weather report wasn't all that brilliant for the Sunday but we decided to chance a trip to Upper Wharfedale.

Set purse net - 23kb

A purse net set over a hole on the first warren to be ferreted.

The first rabbit to be caught - 16kb

The first rabbit of the day bolted by one of Jack's ferrets, she's the daughter Tara one of my rescued ferrets.

Kira working - 19kb

Kira has a quick look round before going underground, Tommy (the lurcher) waits for the action to begin.

Rabbit caught in purse net - 23kb

A rabbit well and truly caught in a purse net.

Making sure - 18kb

One of Jack's albino jills checks out her rabbit. She was one of two albino jills who had been rescued from some yobs who had been using them as footballs.

Jack and Tommy working a warren - 17kb

Jack and Tommy working a warren.

Tommy carrying rabbit - 21kb

Tommy retrieves a rabbit.

Tommy hands over the rabbit - 20kb

Tommy gives up the rabbit to Jack.

View down the valley toward the village - 19kb

A view down the valley towards the village.

Paunching the catch - 18kb

Paunching the rabbits at the end of the days rabbit control operation.