Ferreting in Upper Wharfedale

Jack, Dave and Tommy - 24kb

Jack (nearest to the camera) and Dave at the first warren. The albino jill examines the first rabbit of the day whilst Tommy, the lurcher, checks to see if there is anyone else at home.

Using the locator - 22kb

Jack follows the movement of the jill with the locator whilst Dave stands ready with the spade.

Dave starts the dig - 14kb

Dave starts off the dig.

Jack takes over - 20kb

Jack gets down to around 2 feet before hitting a large rock. Fortunately the jill came out to see what was happening, she just got fed up of waiting to be dug to!

Setting purse nets - 32kb

Setting purse nets further down into the valley.

Dave, Jack, Tommy and the albino jill - 25kb

The jill has just surfaced and Dave is just about to pick her up to introduce her to another part of the bury.

Tommy with rabbit - 18kb

Tommy on the way back after having caught a bolter.

Tommy retrieving - 21kb

Tommy adjusts his grip on the rabbit.

Ready to hand over - 20kb

Ready to give the rabbit to Jack

Waiting - 39kb

Waiting for the action to start.


Two rabbits were bolted from this bury, they both managed to go back to ground up the hillside before Tommy could catch them. However, we moved up to that bury where they were caught.

Jack and Tommy - 37kb

Jack has just entered both jills into the bury.
The River Wharfe meanders along the valley bottom.

Just waiting - 26kb

Just waiting!

Dug to - 19kb

Jack has dug down to the ferret who has a rabbit bunged up in a stopend and is now reaching down to grab the rabbit.

Rabbit number one - 20kb

The rabbit is removed from the bury. Tommy also wants a peice of the action!

Chinning - 17kb

The rabbit is quickly and humanely dispatched by chinning.

Tommy checking the bury - 22kb

Tommy is letting Jack know that there is still another rabbit in the bury.

reaching down again - 24kb

Jack reaches further into to the bury and come up with the...

ferret - 15kb


Tommy helps - 19kb

The rabbit is being removed from the hole...


...and is quickly dispatched!