Working with Dogs

The dogs in this case are Tommy the lurcher, and a nine year old whippet, Lucy. Both dogs are used for marking occupied warrens. When the dogs indicate to the ferreter that there are rabbits underground the ferret is sent down to bolt them out. When using 'running dogs' the ferreter has a choice of setting some purse nets or just leaving it to the dogs to catch bolting rabbits. However, in this case only Tommy will be doing the catching, Lucy, due to age, no longer has the speed to keep up with the young lurcher.

Ready for a day's hunting 20Kb

Lucy the whippet, Tommy the lurcher plus boxed ferrets ready for a day's rabbiting.

Typical type of terrain in Upper Wharfdale. 30Kb

Above:- Typical type of area to be ferreted, Upper Wharfdale. In the middle of the shot is Tommy, carrying a rabbit he has caught, closely followed by Lucy.

The view of the track leading up from the valley. 16Kb

The view of the track traversed by the 4WD vehicle on the journey to the hunting area.

Is there anyone at home? 12Kb

Tommy and Lucy check out the warren to see if it is occupied!

Waiting for the action......... 21Kb

The ferret has been sent underground and the dogs are waiting and listening for the sound of a rabbit being bolted by the ferret and getting ready for the chase!

The following five photographs are of Tommy bringing home the results of a successful chase.

Photograph number is six is Tommy cooling down after all that running!

Tommy brings home rabbit number one. 18Kb Tommy with rabbit number two. 15Kb Tommy - rabbit number three. 14Kb Tommy and rabbit number four. 11Kb Rabbit number five. 20Kb Tommy has a well earned dip. 23Kb A good day's hunting. 35Kb

The two dogs with a bag of 15 rabbits.