The Ferret Medicine Chest

by Dr June McNicholas

It is advisable to have a small medicine chest on hand for the various problems that may be encountered. Ours consists of:-
4 x 1-2 inch bandages
At least one roll of 'vet-warp' - self adhesive flexible dressing
A roll of adhesive plaster (1-2 inches wide)
Cotton gauze pads of various sizes
A roll of cotton wool
Blunt-ended forceps (tweezers)
Blunt-ended scissors (never used for anything else
Rectal thermometer
Vaseline or similar lubricant
Disposable syringes - 5ml and 2ml
Small bottle of safe antiseptic
Skin cream/lotion such as Sudacrem or Betadine
Flea/tick/ear mite treatments as recommended by your vet
Worming/internal parasite treatment as recommended by your vet
Two or more screw top jars for urine or faeces collection
A notebook containing phone numbers of emergency veterinary numbers, taxis, other local ferret rescues/owners who may be able to help with blood donar ferrets, supply of medication or other help

If your vet is agreeable, you may also be permitted to hold POM products (perscription only medicines) such as suitable antibiotics. However, do be aware that once opened, these medicines have a limited shelf life.

We keep our 'medicine chest' inside a thoroughly cleaned carrying case so it is all ready for immediate use should the need arise. One final word: once you've used anything, REPLACE IT! Make sure the medicine chest and carrier are restored to their original pristine condition. It's only when you need it that you suddently realise how necessary it is to be disciplined in this one vital area. Believe me, I am a notoriously undisciplined, disorganised person in many respects - except when it comes to animal welfare needs!

(First published in NFWS News - #85 September 2009)